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We have turned the calendar and arrived at the month of February which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are a big fan of Valentines or no fan at all, opportunities to share the love are always around us, every day. Everyone loves small gestures that show you care, and we have a few ideas.

Share love through words of affirmation. This can be a note of thanks to someone you appreciate, or you might acknowledge an effort someone is making in their life. Do you owe someone an apology? This might be the perfect time to dig deep and share your apology sincerely.

Another way to show you care is through acts of service. Try anticipating the needs of others and taking a small step to meet a need. Is there a chore your partner hates to do? Try doing the chore without announcing it. Is there a neighbor who needs something? Surprise them by helping them out or dropping off a meal at their door. They will feel the love and you will too!

Share the love through quality time and deep listening. Time is precious so giving someone in your life your undivided attention is a perfect way to show you care. Plan a fun activity to share with your family or friends or join your friends for an event or activity they enjoy. Help a friend carve out time for themselves if they need some self-care. Listen without interrupting when a friend or partner needs to talk.

Sharing love through affection seems obvious but we often forget how precious these gestures are, especially since Covid. Greeting a friend with a hug is a special way to show you care and are grateful to be together. Don’t rush gatherings with friends or family and embrace before departing.

Finally, sharing love through little gifts can make another feel special. Gifts do not need to be expensive to be meaningful. Leave a small gift for a coworker without announcing who it is from. Donate items you no longer need shows love for another human. Write little notes to family or friends about things you appreciate will lift spirits and leave both you and them a little happier. Make something you love to create for another person, whether a meal, a card, or a piece of art and your recipient will feel extra special.

Taking a little extra time to think of someone else is a perfect way to show the love this February. If you are looking for extra love, join us at our next Thrive Meeting online.

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