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Our Team


Thrive is a place where creatives connect and support one another while maintaining a healthy creative life. We are thrilled you are here and we can’t wait to meet you. 

About Thrive

We made Thrive a place where as a Creative you can connect with and support one another through monthly online meetings, nourish your creativity with live courses and enjoy wellness + creativity online videos at your own pace.

We  know how easy it is to give up creative time for family obligations. We understand the difficulties of running an art business, and the frustrations of little support. 
We have been there, we understand, and we want to help.

As Artists, we longed for a supportive creative community to provide feedback, help with business challenges and empower growth. "We couldn't find a no-drama support group that truly wanted to uplift and inspire others, so we created our own."


 When we brainstormed the idea of an online community that also offered classes and events to support creatives, Thrive Creative Community was born.

Be a guest at one of our upcoming meetings!


About Us

We are professional artists inspired by the power that creativity, wellness and a supportive community have on well-being and success. 

Kathy Beekman

Co-Founder & Managing Director

artist kathy beekman

Kathy Beekman, is a professional artist and community builder. Her passion for the arts extends beyond her canvas as she is a highly sought-after career coach for artists who want to “rise above the rest”, an art instructor to adults, and owner of Beekman Press, which consists of two card lines designed by yours truly.  She has also authored the books Prosper, A Success Book for Artists and Motivational Quotes, A Reflection Book for Artists. 


A strong believer that combining wellness + creativity + community makes a happier healthier YOU, Kathy continues to introduce Thrive to creatives across the globe with the ultimate intention of welcoming them into a community that will positively impact their lives.

Carol Fennell

artist carol fennell

Carol Fennell, a founding partner, bridges art and life through exploration, discovery, curiosity and creativity. A professional artist for over twenty years, her mixed media wall pieces are found in galleries, private collections and custom public installations across the country.  She is passionate about the connection of wellness and creativity and is excited to offer creatives the opportunity to grow authentically in a healthy supportive environment. When not in the studio, she can be found traveling or exploring the Colorado outdoors.

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