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The only way to get there is to know where you are going!

If you want success in your art career, you will want to execute with purpose, understand WHY you are doing it and visualize WHERE you want to be. Artists are curious by nature and explore many different paths, but to move your career forward and to make an impact on the world, you will need a cohesive plan.

I can help you 

Meet Carol Fennell

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Carol has been a professional full time artist for over twenty-five years. Since earning her MFA in Fine Art, her work has been shown in over thirty galleries across the US, included in thousands of private collections across the world, she has exhibited in Museum invitationals, won awards, and ​has her work in over one hundred public installation collections. Whether you are wanting to seek gallery representation or want to sell on your own or want to create public installations, Carol has a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

The Plan

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  • Build Confidence- Believe in yourself as an artist

  • Knowledge- Understand the Art Business

  • Organization- create a brand for marketing

  • Audience- Find your people and help them fall in love with you and your work

  • Motivation-Know who you are and what you want to say

  • Support- email or call me

  • Money-Turn your passion into income


  • Understand Your goals-We will create a  milestone plan

  • Discover Your authenticity-Create an artists statement /bio

  • Create your Brand-Reflect who you are to the world

  • Create Art-Continue to create so your pieces reflect who you are, skills grow, you build a consistent body of work

  • Show-Find where to show, how to price, build audience 

  • Build a Business- email list, newsletter, social media, 

  • Confident -You have a plan

  • Authentic- You know who you are and you know your story

  • Organized-You have steps to get you where you need to be

  • Know your Audience-Who your people are

  • Supported-You know where to find help

  • Empowered- You have a plan for supporting yourself with what you love 

  • Motivated- You will realize your potential

The Investment

I will meet with you one on one, and create a plan just for you.
$95/ hour, no long term contracts: in person or on zoom.
Contact me here for more info. 

I finally have a plan! I feel so relieved and ready to get working.

Jules B.

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