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May- August 2023

EVERY First and Third Monday 10-11:30am MST


Space is limited to ensure an intimate group.

An intimate, intentional space for YOU and your creative business to find exceptional growth. 

Four Meetings +Three Workshops + One Juicy Retreat + Two Hours Private Coaching +  Positive Connection =uncapped potential.

Being a Creative is a solitary profession no matter how you cut it.

Hours spent alone in the studio after long stretches of time in your thoughts and inspiration can be  isolating especially if you are navigating a creative business.  Accessing truly helpful advice can feel nearly impossible.

And it makes sense, right?  We’re weaving a whole new path. 

Creativity + Profitability + Sustainability



You are not on this journey alone.

 Imagine being surrounded by acommunity of positive Creatives who understand the joy and struggle of growing something both beautiful and impactful. Imagine a community that understands how much this work matters, how vulnerable you are in your process, how brave you must be to step into the unknown and bravely offer your creativity to the world. Imagine a community that supports and uplifts you along the way.


This business is not for the faint of heart. 

You need to be brave in order to PROSPER as an artist.

But, thankfully, we do not have to be brave in isolation. 




We support the success & potential of Creatives

What is included?




Four Months of incredible experiences including:

  • SEVEN 1.5 hours of  Mastermind Meetings (May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7th, 10- 11:30am MST ) and  Workshops , June 19, July 17, August 21 10-11:30am MST where you can connect, focus and find support exactly where you need it

  • One Art Intensive 5 hour retreat (Located in Denver and Online; May 15th)

  • Two SUPPORT emails each month to keep you on track and focused

  • One Private Two hour Coaching Session to make sure you are set up for success

  • Hear from industry experts such as gallery owners, art consultants, social media gurus, website designers

  • Form deeper bonds in this small peer group to gain friendships, get feedback, and celebrate wins

  • Free 12 month Access to our Creative Community monthly wellness online meetings with presentations and break out groups

  • Free Access to Creative Journey  where you can  Connect +Create with others from your own studio


What will we cover?

The ARTISTS GET IT DONE mastermind will focus on growing your art world in 2023 while keeping your creativity at the center.

May: The validity of your dream and expanding your vision

·      Productivity, time-management, and focus strategies. 

·      Goal-setting for long-term growth while placing a personalized strategy in place.

·      Successes and future growth.

June: Confidence building and your story

·      Confidence and your story

·      Identifying the perfect audience for each area of your business so that you are able to best support them with your offers.

·       Brand clarity and cohesion. This is both an aesthetic thing (fonts, colors, creative direction…) but it is also far broader. Getting outside feedback on how your brand feels, what it is missing or needs, is invaluable. 

July: Creative Marketing Strategies

·       Honest feedback and recommendations for ways to elevate your work and clarify your vision so that it is communicating beautifully. 

·       Effective, heart-centered marketing so you can effectively launch products, collections, workshops, courses, and other offers. We’ll discuss ways to strengthen your marketing plan with organic email, website and social media marketing as well as  SEO.

·       Methods for connecting with your community.

August: Sustainability + Growth

·       Team growth and outsourcing so that you are able to focus on your highest and most profitable work. 

·       Diversifying your offers so that you are meeting the needs of your audience and keeping things exciting for your creative heart (oh, and growing your profit margins! Woohoo!).


photo of Kathy and Jane by Kelley Dallas.jpg


The ARTISTS GET IT DONE Mastermind is going to change your life.

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? We are ready for YOU!

The ARTISTS GET IT DONE mastermind is an investment of time, energy, and money and we are certain you will see rich rewards and returns from our time together.

Masterminds are typically quite costly (usually over 25k) because the rewards are so great. We are keeping the Artists Get It Done Mastermind as affordable as possible without sacrificing any of the quality and intentionality we envision for you. 

$1480 for entire program

Join our group of professional women artists to:

  • Stay FOCUSED

  • NAVIGATE the art world

  • Stay CONNECTED with other professional artists

  • LEARN from experienced coaches

  • GAIN community

  • GET it DONE

  • Let go of FEAR

  • EMBRACE your voice

  • Find your SUCCESS

  • GROW your Creative Work


  • Four 1.5 hour (one each Month) of online strategy mastermind sessions

  • Three 1.5 hour Workshops each month

  • One retreat

  • Two hours of PRIVATE coaching 

  • Two support emails each month

  • 12 months of our online Creative Community (monthly meetings)

  • 12 months of Creative Journey: Connect + Create from your studio

  • Private Facebook Access

  • Access to Live Events

*To gain the most from your experience, you will want to join the retreat (online or in person),  participate in online meetings/workshops, be a creative for at least 12 months, and be ready to take your work to the next level.



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the group chosen?

  • The Artists Get It Done Mastermind is an intimate group. The magic comes when the community is founded on mutual respect, care for one another, and similar goals. 


What if I sign up and its not for me?

No problem! You will have 30 days to leave the mastermind (by May 30th). A refund minus $800 (for meetings/retreat) will be refunded to you if it is not right for you within the 30 days. 

Thrive Tea.jpg

What is included in the retreat?

Our retreat is in Denver, Colorado on May 15th 2023.  It is going to be AMAZING. Imagine a relaxing garden, a curated home gallery, talking with and hearing from experts in the field and enjoying meaningful and inspirational conversation over a delicious meal. This retreat is going to be deeply luxurious and nourishing as we celebrate was has been working and say hello to a new art world. Our mastermind retreat will be the perfect time for that to happen alongside Creatives who are soon going to become some of your closest peers and friends.

I am not a fine artist, will I get much out of this?

As long as you are a creative entrepreneur who creates, has a product or service you are working on, and want  to see growth, then YES. 

This is not a painting course or a coaching session, this is a nourishing space for high-level Creatives to thrive. The wonderful thing about mentoring businesses at this stage is we are able to find a lot of common ground in what, where, and how we grow. The product  may vary, but the heart and soul of a healthy creative business will still resonate.


Meet a few of our past Mastermind Participants!

Art project_edited.jpg

Carolyn joined mastermind in January 2023 to Get IT done! Her book had been sitting on the computer for years and she was  ready for accountability, support and a nourishing community. Carolyn's book is published and she is on her way to book number 2!


Meet Jenny, a full time artist who joined Get It Done Mastermind in 2023. Jenny had  a big show to prepare  for and a growing list of "to dos" while navigating her family. Jenny's show was successful and she is building more work for a another show for summer.

Other Mastermind participant  images coming soon...

Kathy Beekman


Kathy Beekman, founder of ArtCoaching for You is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives. Her creative inspiration comes from many places but is rooted in a sense of community, family, relationships, and overall positive energy found from living a creative life.  

Carol Fennell

Edits Web-3_edited.jpg

Carol Fennell, co-founder of Thrive, a professional artist, and art coach. She has been creating as a full time artist for twenty five years. She currently shows her work in galleries, creates public installations, and private commissions. Her work has been shown and collected around the nation. You can find her current pieces on instagram @carol-fennell-art.

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