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Our Team


Thrive is a place where creatives connect and support one another while maintaining a healthy creative life. We are thrilled you are here and we can’t wait to meet you. 

Love from our Community


Thrive Creative Community 

officially launched on September 19th, 2021.

See what our guests had to say about this community of supportive Creatives. Thanks to HiFire Media for the video!


Thrive is an uplifting positive action verb. This is a community of shimmering energy and bright lights, working, sharing, and fusing new ideas. What a wonderful, fresh group to flourish and grow with.  Thank You!
-Deborah G.

“ I joined the Thrive Creative Community this summer and found it to be exactly what I was looking for…. A community of creative thinkers to help support your artistic goals. This has been priceless in a time where most of us have been isolating. I highly recommend this group to anyone looking for encouragement, guidance and an authentic acceptance.” 
-Jenny W.


"I really appreciate there are so many disciplines present within this community."

Dale R.


""The Thrive sisters have played a huge role in my healing in the last two years. Meeting these good and creative souls monthly has been encouraging. I’ve learned to look at myself as a creative and to try new things. The women in this group are fun, interesting and collectively brilliant as well. These smart women have taught me to move forward boldly and take myself lightly. It’s been my honor to know them all."

-Carleen T.

"Thrive has been a wealth of information and guidance! Through online classes, the educators and coaches at Thrive have taught me that wellness and creativity go hand in hand. From classes on the power of essential oils to promoting art through social media, I have learned that we need to revitalize and care for ourselves to be able to produce meaningful art. Thrive has helped me to become more productive through open studios and critiques and has also helped me to act in self-belief and make my goals a reality."

-Maggie E

mount falcon.JPG

"Being a part of this Thrive community reminds me all the time that my life is not just my work. It is about our wholeness as women, taking care of our soul, our bodies, and our minds. The classes and gatherings are well thought out and nurturing. This is a circle of beings that support without judgement. Every time I see a Thrive post on social media, it makes me take in a loving breath and smile....a great reminder."

Jody Rigsby

Art Card

"I love being in this community and surrounded by others who want to create happiness for themselves and others.

-Melissa T.

testimonial online community.jpeg

"I was with my "tribe" - women who understand the unique challenges faced by creatives."


"I learned I  need to be more authentic within my business rather than emulate what others are doing!"
K. Wagner


"The Thrive Creative Community retreat was revitalizing and made me realize where my priorities should be.  Nearly two months later and I am now more intentional where I put my energy.  Thank you!"
Leslie Hazan 


"I was with my "tribe" - women who understand the unique challenges faced by creatives."
"I loved the opportunity to learn from one another."
"A great way to get inspired by other creatives."
"Love the connection with other women."
"You can meet with other like-minded women who have different perspectives."
"It's inspirational."

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