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The Curve Ball

When my father passed away suddenly, the world felt broken and I wanted to curl up under a blanket with everyone and everything I loved and remain where it felt safe. Despite my best efforts to organize, plan and prepare, sometimes a curve ball sneaks up and creates havoc in life. Navigating big change is difficult and often feels out of control. Emotions turn to fear and anxiety and it can become hard to think or concentrate.

When life throws you a curve ball, it is often easier to quit, hide away and avoid the problem, however there are ways to help navigate through. Change is inevitable and will happen in life and you may have to adjust how to get through the days, weeks and months. A curveball is painful because if feels that you have no control over what happens. Even when you are doing all the right things, the “right” result didn’t materialize. Although it may feel as if you cannot cope, you have what it takes to get through. 

Coaches recognize that there are three parts to navigating a curveball; stop and recognize, plan, and follow through with new habits and routines.Stop and recognize that you are upset or even angry at the sudden change. On a scale of one to ten, acknowledge how significant is this? A ten will take more time and possibly help to get through. 

Start to create a new plan. Take baby steps to begin to establish a vision of how this new version of life will look like. 

Finally, follow through with new habits. Every curve ball is an opportunity to learn something new. Identify what support systems can provide guidance or some relief. Establish new habits to reach your new vision of your future. 

While life would be less painful without curve balls, life is full of ups and downs. A curve ball doesn’t mean taking us completely out of the game and we can choose how to respond.

If you want to learn more about hitting a grand slam when life throws you a curve ball, be a guest at our next meeting with author and coach, Karleen Wagner. Our meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, February 6th from 1-3 MST on zoom. Find out more here.

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