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Muscular Mindfulness for Creatives

Creating can be tough on the body. Drawing can cause respective strain injury, poor posture while sewing or painting can create back or neck pain, and even sitting while working can be enough to make you want to avoid working. In order to be productive, we repeat motions day after day, lift heavy supplies and art and move in ways that are not ideal for our bodies.

Standing is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy, but it isn't always ideal to work while standing. If you need to sit to do some of your work, you will want to examine your chair and if it provides the support you need. Are your feet resting flat on the floor? If they are not, consider a footrest. You might want to check out a chair with a pelvic tilt so that your hips are higher than your knees to keep the natural curve in your spine. Unnatural curves can cause back pain over time.

Take stretching and posture breaks during your workday. If you sit, stand, and stretch out your body. Stretching allows the body to release tension and pain. If you draw or paint, try a wrist stretch and shoulder release. Remember to breathe deeply while stretching for the best benefit.

Maintaining proper posture is also key for keeping a healthy body. Standing tall, holding the spine erect is important when standing as well as sitting. Sitting at your workspace for long periods can cause slumping or slouching. When you slouch, you compress your diaphragm, and your spine is not supported. Proper posture can prevent back pain, neck pain and a myriad of other ailments.

Modifying art supplies is another way that you can help alleviate pain. Wrapping pencils so they have better grip or adding length to a paintbrush may help with less strain on certain muscles. If something hurts, find another way to do it with creative solutions or different tools.

Know when it is time to ask for advice. As creatives, we like to do it all ourselves. Understanding that seeking expert help can prevent or help with injuries. Our next body Muscular Mindfulness course with expert Bri Carter is June 17th. Information and registration can be found on our website/live events or here.

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