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Standing in line at the grocery, I noticed I had become tense and annoyed at the wait. Trying to find distraction, I noticed the child in front of me, pressed against the leg of her mama, singing and smiling, as she worked on something with her hands. I discovered she was folding paper into a shape that resembled a heart. She was creating. She was smiling. She was content.

The practice of creative and wellness activities that improve our mental/physical wellbeing allow us to live a more fulfilling life. Sprinkle it with a little supportive community and you have our passion at Thrive and why we continue to work behind the scenes to bring experiences to you.

It can be hard to fit in creative and wellness time when we are working, fulfilling those “to dos”, scrolling those feeds, and dealing with life’s crises that manage to happen along the way. Much of the time we are just trying to stay afloat and deal with what is happening, let alone allow for creative time and check in on our own needs.

We all need time out from our chaotic world to rest our minds and allow for improved well-being. You don’t have to be everywhere, do everything, and communicate with everyone all the time. Taking time away can bring new experiences, new ways of thinking and inspire new ideas. Did you know that a ten-minute stroll in nature lowers stress? Did you realize that foreign experiences increase cognitive flexibility? Traveling also triggers the five senses with languages, tastes, sounds, smells, and new sights. Creative travel also provides opportunities for experiential learning and promotes various perspectives on creative process. Just changing surroundings can boost creativity and productivity.

At Thrive, we love working on ways to bring creativity and wellness into your life. We believe travel is one way WE discover, both inside and outside. In our 2023 Tuscany retreat, we provide an engaging and culturally immersive journey so you can discover the region and become inspired by it. Tour vineyards, explore villages and marvel at ancient architecture, all while being surrounded by your creative tribe. We add creative and wellness exercises throughout, like sketching and yoga, so you will feel rejuvenated and inspired. Our fall 2022 retreat is located at Joyful Journey Hot Springs. Immerse yourself in the healing waters, move your body, create, and discover again.

We understand how busy life can be, and how we must always put out the life fires that arise, but if you are ready to step out of the everyday and into something new, consider joining us for one of our events or retreats.

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