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Creative Rebel

What often comes to mind when we think of a rebel, is a wild, unruly go against the rules and regulations sort of person. Rebels can be associated with unpleasant behaviors and rebels are often told to grow up or change to “fit in”.

While rebels certainly do not fit in a tiny, neat box and can be difficult dealing with at times, rebels have a way of attracting creativity easily. Creativity flows towards rebels effortlessly because they are easily persuaded to break the rules and go where others do not. It only takes a new thought or idea for these rebels to off on new journeys without hesitation. If a rebel is told they can’t do something, they will work hard and go out of their way to prove someone wrong. Rebels are not interested in copying and following instructions but want to make their own path. According to author Gretchin Rubin, "They (rebels) get a kick out breaking the rules and because of this they often think outside the box and do things other people would even think of doing.” The ability to make their own choice run deep in rebels and they are not easily persuaded by other arguments.

How do you become a creative rebel? First learn new things, sign up for new experience and question things and rules. You will want to make your life less predictable and repetitious. Fill up your days with new and unexpected so your ideas can flow. A great way to learn more is join us on our next meeting, May 2nd at 1pm with presenter Robyn Thayer on Rebel Wisdom. Hear her stories and how she stokes her creative fire.

If you haven't been a guest at one of our meetings before, find out more and register here.

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