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A Holiday Exercise for Creatives

It’s mid-December and the holiday season is ramping up. Often, we can get caught up in the commercialism, conformity, and display, as we give, eat, decorate bigger and more with each year. Just one more gift….one more batch of cookies (Okay that is me). We want our holidays to be a certain way and therefore put expectations on them. We often compare and put pressure on ourselves usually with the intention of giving the perfect Holiday to others. This holiday, consider what celebrations serve you. What makes the holidays memorable and special to you? On your list of things you have to do, why do certain items make that list?

Take a moment to consider your holiday “to dos” with this exercise. Grab a pencil and a (big) sheet of paper. Create a list of all you plan to do for the holidays. Put it all on that sheet including baking, buying, decorating, activities, visiting etc. After you finish, take a moment to go through the first thing (and then each one) on your list and scan your body and emotions as if you are meditating a little on the item. How did your body react? Were you excited, warm, or tense about that activity? What emotions did you feel about it? Stress or Joy? Then ask yourself why you are doing this “thing” during the holidays- for yourself or is it for someone else? As a Creative, we often feel the emotions of others and want others to be happy. Your goal is a peaceful, joyful holiday and if that “thing” doesn’t fit that picture, you may need to find out how you can change it to allow for an enjoyable holiday. Could you do something else instead or take it off the list? Eliminating things on your list may feel wrong, but it is okay to do something different if it will bring you more peace and joy this season.

Let this holiday allow for a new tradition less about perfection and more peace, happiness, family, and love. Thrive Creative Community wishes you Happy Holidays!

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