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The State of Social Media
for Artists

The State of Social Media for Artists

The State of Social Media for Artists

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Curious to learn the best ways to market your art on Social Media?  Are you confused by the various platforms and how to use each to showcase your work and gain followers?   In this informative and engaging workshop, artists are shown the tools and techniques for growing their following, marketing their art and building their brand on social media.


Whether you are new to social media or are a tech-savvy creative, this course will inspire new content ideas for marketing your art so that you can stay consistent and find success.  

This Course:

1 Hour of Content

1 Lesson


You Will:

·     Learn about the best ways to market your art on social media

·     Learn the differences of various platforms

·     Learn how to showcase your work on various platforms

·     Learn how to gain followers

·     Gain tools for growing your following

Your Guide: Caron Shahrestani

Before starting her own video company, our founder came from a writing and teaching background. After graduating from the University of Oregon with degrees in both journalism and French, she worked as a newspaper reporter for a number of publications from The Detroit Free Press to the Honolulu Advertiser. 

In 2006, she joined the Peace Corps as an English teacher in Francophone West Africa, where she became fluent in French. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Caron moved back to San Francisco in 2008 and pivoted to video production amidst a newspaper industry melt down.

Caron apprenticed for local video production companies and studied video marketing at the University California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism before deciding to strike out on her own. With the support of her Bay Area based family and an angel investor, she opened Caron Modern Media in 2013.

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Your Guide: Kathy Beekman

Kathy Beekman, co-founder of Thrive is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives in creative ways. She loves living in Bailey, Colorado perched on a mountain top at 8600 feet with her husband and two cats.

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