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Self Discovery and Art Making Course

1 Welcome with Liz Lautrup

1 Welcome with Liz Lautrup

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Join Kathy Beekman and Liz Lautrup for an art journaling course where you will get colorful in your quest for self-awareness and reconnect with your intuitive flow. Your experience will be brimming with meditation, creative expression through art-making, mindfulness, personal insights, and authentic connection.


This creative wellness course blends creative activities with personal discovery and self-compassion. Explore intuitive painting while tuning in to your own unique creative process and also play with new creative tools while discovering wonderful things about yourself.  No art making experience is necessary.

Download the course materials and supply list (located below videos) before you start this course.


Magazines and books for collage imagery XL Canson Mix Media, 7 x 10 journal Writing pen
Matte Gel Medium

Unfinished Wood Canvas Board/Birch Wood Panel, 8 x 10 Watercolor Paper 140#, 11 x 15
12” Ruler
#2 pencil

Artist Tape, 1⁄2 “ wide or wider
5 cardboard pieces at least 5 x 7 each
Round tipped paintbrush, size 10
Minimum of 3 acrylic paint colors
Paint Palette (large plastic cool whip or yogurt lids work great) Jar of water to rinse brush
Heat gun or hair dryer
Neocolor II D’Arche watersoluble crayons
Black Stabilo Pencil
White Gesoo
2” Flat Brush
Newspaper/craft paper to protect your work space
Credit Card or Playing Card

Optional: Ink Stamping Pad, rubber stamps, wet ones, stencils, 1” flat brush, , clear gesso, modeling paste, colored pencils

This Course:

2 Hours and 10 minutes of Content

11 Lessons

Class Materials/ lists attached (Located below class videos)




You Will:

·     Play 

·     Create intuitive art cards

·     Create one intuitive painting ready to hang

·     Explore new ways to make art

·     Express yourself through creativity in a safe place through writing and art-making

·     Experiment with various art media such as acrylic paint, collaging, mixed media and journaling

·     Understand more fully who you are authentically

·     Gain an acceptance of who you are-your gifts and areas of challenge

·     Experience creative freedom and explore your imagination

·     Learn to keep your inner critic at bay

·     Build your self-confidence