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Ready for Spring
Pastel Painting with Kathy Beekman

Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring

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Revel in the pleasure of subtle mark-making as you explore a variety of pastel painting techniques. Through drawing and finger painting, we will  create this expressive painting of spring trees that conveys the feeling of being “right there”. Knowing how to "draw" is not necessary; just bring a willingness to experience color and shape. We will finish a painting which can stand alone or serve as a seed of inspiration for your next painting project.  Spring is just around the corner! 

Do you want to try your hand at art but don't know how to begin?

Do you want to create a painting but need some guidance?

Are you looking for a new medium to try or would like to improve your pastel painting techniques?

Creativity is a gift of being human- no experience required.


Located in Downloadable Materials below

This Course:

55 minutes of Content

1 Lesson


You Will:

·     Learn how to create a painting from start to finish

·     Understand how to blend pastels

·     Gain tools for creating depth in a painting

·     Understand color choices

·     Get inspired 

"Kathy has a wonderful way of teaching and storytelling.  She really helps you understand her process of creating."


"What a fun workshop! I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty...."

Lynda Hublein

Downloadable Materials


Painting Image

106A5171 - ACP 2021 HIREZ.jpg

Your Guide: Kathy Beekman

Kathy Beekman, co-founder of Thrive is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives in creative ways. She loves living in Bailey, Colorado perched on a mountain top at 8600 feet with her husband and two cats.

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