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Contained in a 5ml glass roll on bottle, Thrive is like a warm, woody hug with hints of fresh petals and sweet cream floating above earthy notes. 


This custom blend is made with doTERRA Certified Pure and Tested Essential Oils that are sustainably sourced world wide. 


Geranium (Flower/Leaf oil)

Relaxation and Calm for the body/mind.

Soothing and balancing for hair and skin.

Nourishing and regenerative all systems of the body.


Vetiver (Root oil)

Grounding and Peace for the body/mind.

Promotes rooting and grounding of energies and supports restful sleep.

Helps the body get out of fight or flight.


Cedarwood (Heartwood oil)

Strength and Vitality for the body/mind

Promotes balance and health for hair and skin. Supports healthy brain and nervous system.


Madagascar Vanilla (Bean Extract)

Comfort and Sweetness for the Bodymind.

Like an exotic dessert for the brain, vanilla elevates happiness and 


Fractionated Coconut Oil is used as our base.

Returns unavailable on this product

*Note Thrive cannot ship International, to Hawaii or Alaska. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thrive Signature Fragrance

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