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Why a Retreat?

Retreats are purposeful and intentional getaways that release you from your regular routines and invite you into playful experimentation. In a retreat, you have a set time and space for planned activities and explorations that refresh, replenish, rejuvenate, inspire and heal. Getting away from life's distractions and immersing yourself into exploration is a wonderful way to regain perspective, get clarity and break out of repetitive habits. Retreats are about disconnecting with the norm and putting yourself into experiences or places you have never been. These new experiences can allow space for inspiration to brew.

An Art Journaling retreat allow guests to use mixed media to create a visual diary that combines words and imagery in a creative, supportive and learning environment. The journal is a safe place to play, record thoughts, memories, and emotions without rules and criticism. Art Journaling creates a deeper sense of self-awareness, empowers, inspires and can move us in a powerful ways. Journaling can ease stress by getting the chaos that we feel out of our heads and onto paper and leads to "seeing" our own thoughts for insight in situations. Journaling can also help us enjoy the process of creating instead of stressing out over the product or outcome. This combination of exploration, support and play create a perfect combination for a relaxing, inspiring and rejuvenating retreat.

If you are ready to learn about how art journaling can amplify your soul's gift to the world, ignite creativity and joy, join Thrive in this magical experience at Joyful Journey Hot Springs September 20-October 3.

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