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What's Stopping You?

Are you ready to launch your Creative idea?

Do you have a book, song, painting, poem or sculpture inside of you but you've:

- Never even started it?

- Started it but at some point didn't commit or quit/moved onto something new?

-Never finished it?

-Finished it but have been afraid to do what it takes to get it into the world?

If you can relate to any of the above, ask yourself,

"Do I truly value my Creativity?"

Perhaps you procrastinate because you don't value yourself, or the part of yourself that creates. Or, you think others won't appreciate it. Or perhaps you don't think it's "good enough" - you may be have perfectionist tendencies. You may even consistently underestimate what it will take to create your project. Each of us has different personalities and designs so each one of us may have totally different reasons (excuses) for not starting, finishing, or getting our creations out there.

For us, as Creatives, we need to express, and we need to complete at least some of our projects, or else we are not going to feel good about ourselves -and our wellness will suffer.

AND... it's not just about you!

The fact is, the world needs your Creativity more than ever.

So we beseech you!

Work on whatever is holding you back or blocking you from creating, completing or showing your artwork, and really dig deep to discover and overcome the fears underlying those blocks.

Identify any excuses you are making and figure out the fears underlying those too.

Find out what is stopping you from carving out time in each day to work on your Creative project (P.S. put it on your calendar).

Take a class, find a group, find a person to talk to-a coach, a cheerleader - do what it takes.

Do this not just for yourself. But for the world.

Whether you affect one person, or millions with your work- it doesn't really matter. Small things can create big changes. You are creating ripples.

What are YOU hiding that needs to come out into the light?

What's stopping you?

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