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We Had A Community Creative Galentine's Party!

At Thrive, we just love doing special events for our Creative community. They are powerful ways to get to know each other better and one of the best perks... the laughter! Laughter is amazing medicine so all this party stuff is fun-- with benefits --better wellness!

About Our Galentine's Party!

Normally our community meets once per month but most months we also hold at least one special event. A few days ago, in February, we had a Zoom Galentine's Party with all our Thrive Creative Community members.

A few weeks before the party, each member received a special envelope in the mail with bits of papers and ribbon, in Valentine's colors and patterns. The members were also sent recipes for Valentine-themed "Mocktails". At the zoom party, we sipped, we chatted, we laughed, we cut out hearts, we pasted- we created. We all created artsy Valentines with our little "kits". Here are a few of the cards our members made.

While we created and sipped, we played a game where we had to admit if we had ever done something. It was fun and silly and often brought us back to our youthful experiences- "I remember when...". What a great way to find out new things about each other and deepen our connection and community.

We can't wait until our next Special Event.

Our next regular Thrive Creative Community meeting is March 1st 1-3 MST and we'll be learning creative techniques from teacher/presenter and fellow member, Connie Stose.

Your first meeting is always free - check out the details and sign up on our website. Invite a friend. You don't have to be a professional artist - but you also can be! We love all kinds of creatives. Our meetings take place on zoom so you can join in from anywhere.

We hope you had a LOVEly Valentine's/Galentine's Day!

Hugs and smooches,

Carol, Kathy and Liz

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