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Time to Celebrate

We are quickly approaching the time of year filled with celebrations. Every culture, nation and tradition has developed its own unique way of honoring these occasions. Although we are all different, there is a deep underlying need that drives us to engage in celebrations. Sometimes, celebrating can feel overwhelming, especially with all that is going on in the world along with challenges in your life. I recently read an article that claimed now more than ever we need to celebrate wherever and whenever possible.

Celebrations cultivate a sense of community. One of best times to bond with family and friends is during special occasions like the holidays. We connect or reconnect with those we love and care about. Celebrating installs a sense of meaning and significance to our lives. The rituals serve an important purpose and participating connects us to the significance of the role within our lives. It is also a way we express gratitude. Celebrating together is gratitude in action and is good for us. That gratitude you feel as a result of celebrating others, creates joy. Just five minutes of gratitude can shift the nervous system toward a calmer state. Celebration creates a circle of love. When we share joy in the presence of others, the act creates a circle of reciprocal love. Celebrating allows us to create lasting memories. We tend to recall memories with high emotional charge. Photos and videos serve as triggers to re-live those pleasant experiences down the road. Celebrations add fun to our lives and provide us with the opportunity to engage in food, play and laughter. It is also a time when we are reminded of our place in the circle of life. During these occasions, we might remember those who are gone and tap into the timelessness of the human spirit.

At Thrive, we love celebrating YOU. Our next general meeting, December 5th on zoom, will be a celebration of getting to know one another better, sharing recipes, laughing, and enjoying our unique creativity.

We wish you a creative holiday season full of celebrations that leave you laughing, joyful, grateful and surrounded by community.

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