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The Importance of a Story

If you have ever connected with a brand or online presence you understand the value of a story. A story makes us want to know more and become a part of that person’s community. Telling your story as a creative is deeply personal and sharing requires courage and trust. Sharing art often means sharing our personal story. Sharing fuels us to continue but it also makes us vulnerable. Negativity and judgement can leave us feeling defeated, alone and questioning our story. Having a group of creative friends to uplift and support you is essential.

This is the story that started Thrive Creative Community. A zoom call about how isolating and competitive creating art can be led us to start a community that would uplift and take care of one another. We felt there was little authentic support in the creative world. We wanted to create a place to come together each month to learn something new, to connect and discuss, so we created a monthly meeting with a presenter. We wanted monthly gatherings where creatives could get feedback on current work, share ideas or problem solve, so we started a monthly Connect +Create. We wanted ways to stay healthy together, so we set up summer hikes and wellness events. We longed for activities to keep us grounded and connected, so we offer a variety of events including Affirmations for the Soul coming in August. We wanted a way to share our creativity together, so our first Creative Market is November 4. (Save the Date) Finally, we wanted a safe space to explore and find adventure, so we are heading to Paris in April 2024.

Our story is about community, wellness, and creativity. Our story is about helping creatives thrive. Our story includes you and we would love to celebrate you. Our next meeting is Perfectionists Anonymous with Sedona Rigsby on July 11 at 1pm MST on zoom. If you haven’t been a guest, sign up on our website here and find out what our story is all about.

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I'm definitely here for this.

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