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Storytelling with Susan Schmitt

There are people you may know that you have never met. You have shared moments with them or been touched by them because you know their story. Perhaps you have read their biography or watched their life unfold on a movie or social media. You may have never met your great-grandfather, but have heard so many stories you feel connected. Stories are the heart of the human experience.

Story is how we explain to others who we are. It is the key to identity. Story holds our deepest longings, hopes and fears. Through stories we find meaning and truths are revealed. Storytelling is crucial to the survival of families and culture and allows for the connection we all need.

Susan Schmitt’s focus in painting is that of human experience and perspective. In her current series “Quilted Women” she portrays emotions that are uniquely feminine and iconic, and part of her own history. Susan is an advocate of working in a community of artists to learn, share, and teach.

If you haven’t been a guest at one of our monthly meetings, we invite you to join us along with presenter Susan Schmitt as she discusses methods that will help you tell a cohesive story that represents you and is recognizable in your creative work.

The Benefits of Storytelling, August 1st, 1pm MST on zoom. Sign up here to be a guest.

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