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Mindful Gardening

As a child, I was never too excited about gardening. On the farm, spring planting, then weeding, more weeding, and finally harvest meant a busy (working) summer. My dad knew how to time plantings so there was always something ready to harvest. At the time, I thought it was too much work. Now, I find gardening creative, mindful and even spiritual. Gardening and having our hands in the soil, nourishes the soul and allows for creativity to shine, whether you are producing veggies or flowers and plants. As we take care of and water plants, we are nurturing ourselves as well as the plants. In gardens we can express creativity not only with design, color, size and shape, but just by creating something living. Gardening also allows for other forms of creative expression including painting, writing, or sculpting.

When we are in our garden, we can lose track of time which allows for mindfulness practice. It can lift spirits, teach us, and help with anxiety or depression. Gardening can play an important role in your creativity and mindfulness practice.

Now, as an (older) adult, I can hardly wait for the snow to melt so I can get my hands in the soil. I am all about keeping my potted plants and flowers healthy and happy as well as harvesting a few goodies along the way. One way to stay excited and spark creativity is to get involved and learn more. If you are ready to find out about mindful gardening, join us for our next Creative Community meeting on September 5th at 1pm with Kim Watts. Kim, a master gardener, will be presenting on Mindful Gardening: Thinking Inside the Box. Thrive Membership includes monthly meetings, but If you haven’t been a guest before, you can sign up here!

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