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Mastermind Group: Uplift your Creativity

“Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey

Most Creatives have a network of people in their circle that includes friends, family, and social media connections, but are missing out on being a part of a group that helps lift you higher.

A Mastermind group is a mentoring concept made of people from various backgrounds that learn from each other and grow together. Mastermind groups can help shape your life, your creativity, and your business through energy, motivation, commitment, and desire to learn. Mastermind groups challenge one another with creating goals, implementing milestones, brainstorming, and lifting one another up through challenges with compassion and respect.

While Mastermind groups are common in the business industry, most Creatives work alone and believe that is the best way to build success is to do the work and try to succeed…alone. It is time Creatives see their work as valuable and worth the time to create connections, network and have others to lean on in times of need.

Think back when you have been in the presence of a friend or relative and came up with an idea or solved a problem you had not thought of. Collaboration can help generate ideas, pose questions, and find solutions often easier than when working alone. Having support through hurdles, career shifts, and milestones is an effective way to boost self-esteem and ultimately leads to success. As creatives, we often work in isolation and question ourselves and our work without the help of others. When Creatives work together, magic can happen. Everyone is unique and brings something of their own to the group. An ideal Mastermind group has various creatives from other industries and entrepreneurs which can create amazing collaborations.

When forming a group, be open, don’t limit yourself and explore the beauty that everyone has to offer. If you cannot find the time to create a mastermind group of your own, consider what other groups have to offer. An online community like Thrive Community can provide the connections without having to do the work of setting up meetings. Whatever you choose, you will find connections with others can do wonders for your life, your creativity and your business.

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