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Mindset Shift and Productivity

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

As a Creative, we are often faced with the "hustle" culture where worth and value is often attached to productivity. Creatives have the mentality that work is our life's work which can be all consuming. While I believe Creatives need to be productive, we also must remember that we have needs and bodies that need care. Instead of associating rest and recharge with laziness, we need to change our mindset and allow for boundaries on work time. Your work is not your worth.

There are many ways of working. Be open to a walk that might spark inspiration. Be aware of how creative and productive you are at various times of the day? Maybe you have energy early in the morning or late at night and plan rest around that.

If you feel you never get enough accomplished, focus on the idea of what you have already achieved. Make a plan for your goals and prioritize.

You are a Creative and you deserve the rest and downtime that replenishes energy and fuels your best Work.

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