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Isn't this supposed to be fun?

If you have experienced that euphoric energy and flow that comes when a creation takes form effortlessly and surprisingly, you know the joy of creating. This wonderful exploration is what we expect to replicate and enjoy the “fun” of creating. Yet, often when we show up, nothing happens, or we struggle to make something happen, and we are faced with a battle. If creating is a struggle, why do we continue? Isn’t making art supposed to be fun?

Being in the flow is euphoric but we also create because it gives us meaning and challenges us. When we are creating, we feel like we are part of something bigger or greater. Creating is challenging and when we do create something, there is a sense of joy and accomplishment, satisfaction, and discovery. We find meaning from the challenge and meaning is so much more than “fun”.

There is a human instinct in us to create and leave our mark on the world. We want to feel our work is significant and create something beautiful from nothing. But, if we were born to be makers, why is it often difficult to create? Why do we struggle with making something meaningful? It is often hard because we are trying something we have never done before, and so it is new and unknown. Humans have a difficult time with new. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it isn’t understood or what if I can’t do it? Creating is personal and when we make something, a piece of ourselves is exposed and open to criticism. We are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and it is difficult not take it personally.

For most of us, we create because it is hard, we like challenges and we long for leaving our mark on the world. With these challenges, we can find meaning, accomplishment and satisfaction. When the one of a kind and uniquely “you” work is completed, and the journey led you through discoveries, growth and meaning, the struggle becomes insignificant. We find creating is so much more than "fun", it feels deeper, more significant. It is the hard that makes it great and will ultimately fill us with "joy.".

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