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“I have no special talent, I’m only passionately curious.”- Einstein

I think a lot about creativity. When I tell people I am an artist, people believe I have creativity always flowing. People often tell me they wish they were creative. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. Being creative can be reading books, going to plays or concerts or gardening. Being creative is about exploring what you find interesting. It is more about being curious about the world.

Curiosity pushes us forward to explore, question, and experiment. Do you believe you are a curious person? How healthy is your curiosity? If you feel bored or stuck, you may be lacking in curiosity. Pay attention to your thinking and see how often you are curious. Do you worder how something might work? Do you work on problems until you solve them? Do you question things you see? Do you question what you hear or points of views?

If your curiosity has taken a back seat in your life, there are ways to nurture and grow it with a little bit of effort.

Sustaining curiosity is a starting point of creativity. When we are taught to be all about learning facts and rules, high IQ, or book smart dominant, curiosity can take a back seat. If we are all about learning facts and rules, there may be little reason to question and explore or improve current, existing knowledge. We already know the answers, there is little reason to question or explore. Without intense curiosity, we are unlikely to persevere long enough to create new ideas.

Curiosity is fun and playful and along with desire or drive, you will have creativity. Allow yourself the joy of discovery, exploration and questioning and kick your creativity into action.

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