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I don't want to be an artist, why should I take an art class?

When people ask if what I do, I tell them that I am artist and I work a lot with clay. First, they get excited about the idea of being an artist, and creating with art materials, then respond with "I don't want to be an artist, so I don't need an art class."

Taking an art class can sound intimidating if you haven't created before, but it can be an amazing experience. Imagine digging your hands into smooth, soft clay. You might form a ball rolling the cool clay between your palms wondering what to create. While you may not know what to create with this soft blob, the possibilities are endless and with a little guidance, you can not only make something you might be proud of, but you will enjoy the process along the way.

Art classes are not just for artists and they allow for opportunities to play with materials you may not have used before and discover how they work. Art classes can relieve stress because you allow time for yourself and focus on the process of creating instead of everything else that might be happening in your world. Creating teaches risk taking, learning from mistakes and being open to new ways of doing. Creating together with others provides the social aspect and support needed often to get out of a rut. Even 72% business leaders say that creativity is the number one skill they hire for.

Art class are not just for artists, anyone can benefit from learning something new and tapping into our creativity, even if it has been hiding.

At Thrive, we are all about exploring and creating together in a supportive community. It is a perfect place to try something new without the pressure of “being an artist.” This month, Vicki Todd will be teaching “Awaken your True Essence”, a clay sculpture workshop where you will discover how to become more keenly self-aware and reveal your true self values that will allow for more joy. In this one-of-a-kind class, you will sculpt your own female torso with air-dry clay and use magazine images and word along with watercolor paint to enhance your sculpture. It will be a reminder to embody your true values daily, making your life more meaningful and balanced.

Clay is a great way to start unleashing your creative self. For more information and to sign up, click here.

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