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Highly Sensitive Personality and Creativity

Creatives are often labeled or feel "different" in a world consumed with noise, lights, and movement. While Creatives may think they don't fit in, it may be that they are a highly sensitive person. Highly Sensitive Person or HSP, is a personality trait that is more common in creatives and includes being sensitive to sensory input, people, and environment. In general, HSPs are linked to introversion and tend to experience sensitivity to lights and sounds, caffeine and medications, get overwhelmed in crowds, feel drained after spending time with people, have difficulty with transitions, avoid violent tv, and are affected by energy of others. HSPs can also be highly intuitive and sense the energy and mood of others around them.

HSPs make up 15-20% of the population and seem to be equal in gender. Being HSP can be misunderstood, especially in American culture where sensitivity is devalued. There are many wonderful and unique superpowers for HSP, including being self-aware, empathetic, quick-learners, deep thinkers, highly creative, people-readers, embrace life, and detail oriented, but it can come with challenges like easily stressed by conflict, being unable to avoid overstimulation and being a high sensation seeker.

There are ways to thrive and celebrate your uniqueness while utilizing your potential. Learn how your sensitivity is expressed, connect with others, draw on your strengths, and engage in contemplative practice including meditation or mindfulness. Mediation, while good for everyone, is especially essential for HSPs. Meditation allows you to check in with your body, understand your needs, and make choices based on those needs.

If you are a creative and you are ready to focus, relax your body, mind, and reduce stress, check out our mindful meditation course which can be the difference between feeling like you are living exposed and vulnerable to the world, or wrapped in positive energy and bolstered with self-support. Cera Reine Meintzer is a connector of people, ideas and energy and has been practicing and teaching meditation for twenty years.

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