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Gifting Creativity

If you are a member of our creative community, you may have been a part of our handmade holiday gift exchange. We draw names and then come up with something creative for that special person. During our holiday online party we get to know one another a little better and open the gifts we received. It is such a joy to know that the person giving took the time to come up with an idea, hand craft it, and deliver it. It is one of my favorite Thrive events of the year. It is fun to see what others received and have genuine laughs, a little break from the holiday hustle.

This gifting also carries over to my family. On Christmas morning, I found my stocking full of tiny gifts wrapped in construction tape and tied with wire as well as a note (from my two boys). I am not a big fan of Christmas in the “gift buying and consuming” sense, but I sure do love little handmade surprises each year. This year the note (in the photo) was one of the clues to my present. I searched through the tree to find the handmade ornament that lit up when the switch was pressed. These little handmade tree ornaments made my morning. I took photos, videos and gushed about the engineering and creativity that went into the design. Handmade gifts are just the best. Why?

Handmade gifts are unique. I guarantee there is not another ornament just like this one on the planet. They are little masterpieces and make the recipient (in this case, me) feel special.

Handmade gifts show love. A handmade gift requires effort, time and is a great way to show love and appreciation. The person making the gift is giving you something from their heart, taking time to craft it, and want to share that feeling that you are special.

Handmade gifts are personalized just for the recipient. Everyone loves having something made with just them in mind. Lastly, and probably the main reason my (college age) children gift me a handmade is that it usually costs less than purchasing and uses items they already have around the house. I am all about recycling and especially if it requires creativity.

I am so thankful that I was able to celebrate the holidays + creativity this year both online with Thrive and with my family and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Little Forker (image at top; clay and forks) by artist and member Judi Mitchell

Light up tree ornament by Skyler and Landon Fennell

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