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Get it DONE!

Positive…Supportive, Moving Forward…Accountability are just a few words our current Get It Done Mastermind group used to describe their recent experience. No one really talks about how hard it is to run a (creative) business. There are so many hats to wear to get the work not only to completion but out into the world. Marketing, social media, accounting, networking, web designer, graphic designer, salesperson as well as making stuff are just a few of the roles creatives take on when they decide to move forward with their work. According to the book Think and Grow Rich, people, (and especially creatives), that are part of a supportive mastermind are more successful, happier and reach their highest potential. The book lists the Mastermind as one of thirteen principles for success. A mastermind in a peer-to-peer mentoring group who meet on a regular basis and push each other to work to their potential as well as hold one another accountable. A good group will meet one or two times per month and allow each person in the group time to talk about their challenges. The rest of the group then takes a few minutes to come up with solutions or inspiring ideas that might help the individual. The most successful artists have been part of a mastermind, even if they didn’t call their group a mastermind.

If you are a creative, you know you are capable of so much, but you need the right people around you to help you get there. By surrounding yourself with others who are interested in helping you move forward, you will feel inspired, do the work, and grow. In the few weeks we have been running the Get It Done Mastermind, we have already seen so many solutions to problems, we have witnessed projects headed to completion and felt the support of the entire group. If you are ready to move forward and not sure where to start, join us for our free informational meeting where you can get a chance to see what a supportive group can do for you and your creative business. Register here for the free informational meeting March 4 at 10am.

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