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Every Thanksgiving after my (55 plus) family is stuffed with pumpkin pie (and lots of whip cream), we gather around plastic covered tables stacked with scissors, hot glue, ribbon, glitter (and more glitter) to create. Each year a different relative hosts the ornament making craft that has been a tradition for over thirty years. The person in charge of this years craft will show the ornament to be made, go through the process of creating it, the supplies that can be used or substituted and then lets the family dive in. From toddlers to grandmas, everyone takes part in creating or helping others create (especially when hot glue is involved)!

This is where the magic begins. With everyone being told how to create, shown what to make, and given the same materials, there is never one ornament that looks the same as another. I am always amazed at how each person comes with a unique take on a snowman or glass ball. There is no judgement, there is no wrong way to do it, and some of the most amazing ornaments were experiments when the “correct” way to do it went wrong. I love these moments where big families gather together to create something. Children “see” others creating and know that it is a beautiful part of living. Adults watch children create and see their self-esteem boosted from making something on their own. The added benefit of all this crafting is pulling out the holiday box each year and unwrapping the handmade ornaments that have been crafted with family for generations.

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I love this and am envious of this creative tradition! It fills me with warmth and longing to pull my family twig together and do something creative together!

Carol Fennell
Carol Fennell
Dec 01, 2022
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