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From Surviving to Thriving

I usually spend the (very) early part of the morning tidying up the things I was too tired to do the night before while listening to a podcast usually on creativity. This morning, as the light began to creep into the kitchen, I happened upon Creative Peptalk podcast on Surviving as a Creative. There has always been talk about surviving as an artist, and it is one of the reasons I cofounded Thrive, to help artists go from Surviving to THRIVING. As creatives we are the only ones doing exactly what we are doing, so there isn’t a clear path to follow to success. We can get lost in the twists and turns and failures along the way. In life, we might say we need food, shelter, water if we are lost in the woods. Similarly, author Andy Pizza names three essentials to survive as a creative.

The first and probably most important tool is finding your people. As creatives we need mentors, peers, and supporters. Find people you admire both in work and in how they run their business. Reach out, follow them, show up at their shows, and begin to have a real relationship with these guides and allies. When you take the time to learn from them, their business, and their mindset, you are taking steps to succeed. If you can collaborate with them on a project, this will give you the best chance of being discovered.

The second essential tool in the creative survival kit is the Practice. Creatives go into their work regardless of getting permission from others. They make this practice a habit and continue to do the work, often when others try to talk them out of it. Just like someone hitting the gym on a regular basis, creatives must practice to keep that creative muscle exercised. To survive, creatives put Practice on the calendar and show up to do the work.

The final tool in the creator’s essential kit is the Product. What is the result? To survive, you will need a product. This product can look different for everyone. You might commit to creating a podcast each week or have a public speaking gig that you do for organizations. You might create a series of art works that you can show. You may create several songs that you could perform or write short stories about something you believe in.

With your Product, your Practice and surrounding yourself with your People, you will find you not only survive but can thrive in the creative world.

If you are looking to get inspired and surround yourself with your creative tribe, join our next meeting April 4, on zoom, as we discuss Tapping into Your Intuition. If you haven’t been a guest before, sign up here.

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