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Five Questions to Help You Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It is likely every one of us have been guilty of comparing ourselves to others and feeling jealous. In so doing, we sabotage our own Creativity, Health and Wellness. We may want what others have; we may want to do what they are doing; we may want the attention they have. This can truly affect our wellness, making us jealous, hopeless and even depressed.

Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

In our world of social media, there are endless opportunities to compare ourselves to others. And Artists/Creatives can be especially prone to jealousy of those who are getting more attention for their creations. Not only can we see what more people have or are doing, but what we see is often only the most successful, positive slice of someones life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you begin to compare yourself to others.

  1. What can I learn from this person? What ideas does this give me in moving forward in my own life/career? Perhaps that person will spark one of your best ideas ever! Every feeling we have is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves (and what we want) and comparing is just such an opportunity.

  2. How can I utilize my strengths right now (today or this week) to serve others? Grab a notebook and write down five of your strengths. When we shift our mind to how we are special as individuals, we realize we are all different- all creative and valuable in our ways. Shifting our mindset to serving others takes us out of focusing so much on ourselves. There's a whole world out there that needs each and every one of us.

  3. What am I grateful for today? Making it a practice to be present in the moments of your day and be grateful is so healthy and can actually change your life. Set your alarm for 5 times a day. At those moments, find one thing to appreciate (even if it's just a small weed growing in the sidewalk, or a smile from a stranger) and focus on it for one minute. This helps us to be present in each moment. With this practice, it is surprising how we begin to attract more things to be grateful for. And it takes your attention completely off of others' "good fortune" and helps you tune in to yours.

  4. How can I improve myself today/this week? Do I need 10 minutes of self-care or meditation? Do I need to tidy my home, sign up for a class, write an email, or take some time to dream about a new idea? Take the focus off the OTHER person- this is YOUR life, YOUR journey. What do YOU need to do now? Note: If you are not feeling the energy to improve yourself, be determined to find out why- is it your health? Are you sleeping? Eating healthy foods? See a medical professional or alternative practitioner to find out more if necessary.

  5. How can I fully love and accept this moment, exactly where I am? Every journey is unique (re-read that quote at the top!) There is such peace in knowing we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Every day is a learning experience. If you are truly in a difficult place in your life, what is it you are learning, and how are you growing? We are meaning makers, even if that meaning is only apparent later. Take a wider perspective. We may not always know why we are experiencing what we are, or how it will serve the world now or later.

We hope these questions help take you out of the habit of comparing yourself to others... and catapult you into your own amazing life!

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