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Behold! Gifts from The Hands... and the Hearts of our Member Secret Santas!

I know, I know, Christmas is over, but we just had to take a moment to look back on this wonderful event with warmth and gratitude.

Just look at these beautiful hand-crafted gifts that our creative members exchanged at our Secret Santa Holiday Exchange last month.

We all had so much fun making our gifts, sending them, and needless to say, awaiting the secret gift that would come in our mailbox. Best of all, afterward, we celebrated the holidays together on our zoom Holiday Cocktail/Mocktail Hour.

During the party, we had the chance show and share our unique and special gifts, chat about how we made them and thank each other. Some of us worked with clay, others with fabric, others with paper and paint, and beads. It brought us all closer as friends and fellow Creatives, and we all so appreciated each other's skills, creativity, and efforts!

Among the gifts were:

- a flower wall-hanging made of clay,

- a crocheted white garland

- a crow of collage and paint

- complementing, festive dinner napkins

- a sparkly, beaded ornament...

- a mini painting of a butterfly among flowers

and a hand-beaded Mala necklace in turquoise

There is so much love in each of the gifts and they will be enjoyed for years to come.

A huge Thank You to all our members for sharing of your gifts and time to make this Holiday Secret Santa Hand-made Exchange a fun, successful event. The sharing and support we expressed are what's it's all about at Thrive Creative Community. We love our Creatives so much.

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