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A Time To Celebrate!

May has a way of filling up with celebrations. Graduations, Mother’s Day, end of school, spring, and even flowers popping through the soil are just a few reasons to celebrate. We are fast in congratulating others on their achievements and celebrating their joy, but often forget to take time to celebrate our own wins. These wins do not have to be big achievements, but anything that you accomplish that aligns with your intentions. These small victories can be related to anything including work, relationships, home life, finances, or habits.

Today, I am celebrating getting a few seeds planted in pots, clearing out a closet that has been bothering me for a while, replying to 10 emails, and finally getting a trip scheduled. I am also celebrating little creative wins like finishing up the eyes on a painting I have procrastinating on and attaching backings to several panels, so they are ready to hang.

While these may not seem like things to celebrate, when we do, no matter how small, we rekindle our enthusiasm which boosts our motivation to continue, to stay committed and consistent. Over time, you might notice that celebrating these little wins will give you a boost of energy that starts to accumulate.

Celebrating wins also boosts self-confidence. You will realize you can do what you set your mind to. If you are working on a bigger end plan, pausing for these small victories reminds you that you are making progress and progress feels good.

Acknowledging small achievements helps you keep track of how far you have come which helps with personal or professional growth.

Celebrating is one way to take care of yourself. Self- love is the greatest investment you will ever make. When you love yourself, you can navigate any obstacle.

By celebrating little wins, it will help us pave the way for achieving bigger goals.

May is the perfect month to celebrate. When you notice a little victory, pause for a few seconds, and applaud yourself! You did it!

What are you celebrating?

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