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A Journey to Gratitude

I had a lot of time to think this month. Each morning, I woke early, shoved my feet into my hiking shoes, and set off along the Camino de Santiago. This iconic pilgrimage is steeped in medieval charm and draws people from around the world. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it isn’t just a trail; it is a self-reflecting escapade, a historical voyage and global gathering rolled into one. Each day, I walked along side my good friend and I met strangers from around the world, that I now call friends, but I had a lot of time to think. There was time to notice the abundant blessing that are all around me all the time. The moments I thought were nuisances where the ones that meant the most. When my feet hurt and we rested on a log, the birds sang the most beautiful song I had ever heard, then landed right next to us. When I quietly cursed the mist and had to stop to put on rain pants, I noticed the most beautiful intention wall, and added my intention to the hundreds hanging on the medieval stone. The gratitude seeped in and began to take over when I allowed it.

As I adjust back to “normal” life, and the busy season ahead, I am trying to hold on to the quiet and peace I felt on the trail. For me, the holiday season can feel overwhelming and chaotic. I can blame commercialization, but I plunge into the madness for fear of missing out or to catch that holiday spirit. I want the special feeling for not only myself but for my friends and family.

Finding space to nourish my spirit, inspire creativity, and connect to the power of gratitude is key to enjoying this busy time.

One way to nourish your spirit during the holiday season is to bring attention to the blessings available in each moment. With guided meditation and relaxation, tension can melt away. Connecting to the power of gratitude is a great way to experience joy this season or any time. Roberta Whitney Hughes will guide us on a journey of Abundant Blessings at our next Creative Community Meeting on November 7th at 1pm MST. If you haven’t been a guest, you can join us here.

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Beautiful share. It made me feel at peace just reading it and looking at those joyful, free horses.



Beautiful reflection. What a wonderful experience.


I LOVE this post, Carol! Your spirit is so beautifully expressed and is inspiring! Thank you!❤️

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