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Nature Inspired Wellness
Environmentally Friendly Practices for Creatives

Nature Inspired Wellness

Nature Inspired Wellness

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What if you could feel more potent and alive as a creative? Are you ready to create a new and healthy life for yourself? Being able to inhabit a studio and living space that offers a safe environment to work and relax in is now an essential part of living well as a creative. In this upbeat course, we will intentionally identify the environmentally “un-friendly” art and cleaning supplies you are using and introduce you to the friendly ones. Together, we will build beautiful all-natural cleaning and wellness kits that are non-toxic and made with naturally safe ingredients. You’ll be able to use these knowing that they are good for you and the environment.


Think: A Personal Care Kit for Creatives filled with products like replenishing lotion, soothing first aid, and immune support products. An Artist Cleaning Kit containing a cleaner with over 101 uses, cloths that care for sensitive surfaces and wipes that are tender yet easily tackle tough messes. And finally, the Healthy Snack Pack Kit that help power creatives through the day with healthy and delickous shakes, bars, granola and drinks. Get ready to learn how to improve your impact on the environment without sacrificing your individual style and enhance the way you support your personal health and well-being. Who doesn’t love that? 

This Course:

1 Hour and fifteen minutes of Content

1 Lesson


You Will:

·     Learn about the best products to use for cleaning your creative space

·     Learn about toxic ingredients in your products

·     Learn how to recycle and choose recycled materials

·     Learn to create a personal care kit for creatives

·     Gain tools so you can feel confident in choosing products for your best health

Your Guide: Terri Jo Englund

Terri Jo Englund currently lives in Fort Collins, CO with her husband and 2 boys. She is passionate about helping others live a healthier life by removing toxins from their home and out of their body. Her recommendations are sensible and simple to implement. Although not an artist herself, she does enjoy experiencing art in all forms and marvels at the creativity found in so many artists.



Kathy Beekman, co-founder of Thrive is a professional artist, art career coach, author, and community builder. She has presented art related workshops and retreats for over two decades and has a great passion for positively impacting others’ lives in creative ways. She loves living in Bailey, Colorado perched on a mountain top at 8600 feet with her husband and two cats.

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