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Healthy Money Mindset Series;
Spending, Debt Management and Safety Nets


1. Spending, Debt Management and Safety Nets: Intro

1. Spending, Debt Management and Safety Nets: Intro

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Finances can be fun! In this interactive course, explore what you're doing right with your money- and how to do it even better. Kick your boring old budget to the curb, and find out how to create a flexible spending plan that reflects your priorities and your situation. Don't let your money control you; learn to direct your money where you want it to go. Then, find out how to get a handle on any of those debts you have. The simplest method to pay off debts also happens to be free! Discover how to handle your money to pay off your debts, and stop accruing more. Once you've mastered how to create a financial foundation to be proud of, then explore how you can protect what you're building by setting up a safety net. A good safety net gives you peace of mind and makes sure that unexpected setbacks will not become your financial tragedies.

You've finally found the right place- here at Thrive. We've developed all the financial education you need in order to build a stable financial base, and grow into the successful artist you've always dreamt of being.

In this 4-part hands-on series, you will:


-get comfortable with money, and empower your money mindset

-finally control your spending, and explore how a safety net will protect your financial freedom

-master the basics of accounting, so you can finally control your taxes

-learn how to grow your money to support your future

Join us for a relaxing, supportive, and lively series that will supercharge your motivation and give you clarity and direction. Each course includes post, creative exercises that will make your finances fun. Stop worrying about your money, and start enjoying it.


Downloadable PDF of Border Doodles

Downloadable document of Spending Plan Categories

2 differently colored highlighters

#2 Pencil

Canson XL Mix Media 5.5 x 8.5 art journal

Basic watercolor paint set of 5 or more colors

Acrylic paint in red, yellow and blue

Round paint brush size 8-10

9-12” straight edged ruler

Black Sharpie ultra fine point

Water container for cleaning brush

Crayons (I use Caran D’Arche in demonstration)

Artist tape ½” or larger

1 sheet of 9 x 12 Canson XL series watercolor paper 140# 

Kraft or newspaper to protect your work surface

Masonite board approximately 16 x 12”

4 Bulldog clips 1” or larger


This course

65 minutes of content

9 Modules

Class Materials/ lists attached (Located below class videos)



Downloadable Files for your course are included below videos.


You Will:

·     Play 

·     Learn how to create a spending plan

·     Explore ways to get debt under control

·     Learn the importance of a safety net

·     Express yourself through creativity in a safe place through writing and art-making