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Mindful Mediation and 

Mindful Meditation and HSP's

Mindful Meditation and HSP's

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Focus, relax your body and mind and reduce stress with this rejuvenating course. Mindful meditation is a highly beneficial practice for anyone with a heartbeat. And for people who identify as highly sensitive or HSP, a mindful mediation practice can be the difference between feeling like you are living exposed and vulnerable to the world, or wrapped in positive energy and bolstered with self-support. Join Cera Reine Meintzer, mindfulness instructor and HSP, while she leads you through guided meditation and on an exploration of the proven benefits of mindful meditation, HSP traits, and how meditation can support a balanced and healthy life. Not sure if you are an HSP? Discover if you are by taking researcher and author Dr. Elaine Aron's self-test. 20% of the population is an HSP with creatives leading the way! Link to the test.

No need to be an HSP to enjoy the benefits of this course.


Note taking material

A quiet place to meditate

This Course:

45 minutes of content

1 Lesson


You Will:

-explore the benefits of mindful mediation

-discover the superpowers of an HSP

-relax your body and mind through meditation

-practice being present

"I loved this guided meditation.  It worked well for me because it gave me something wonderful to focus on."

Julie Simms

"This course was a great reminder of how important it is to connect with the earth".

Laney Hall

"Delightfully eye opening.  I now feel that as an HSP I have a superpower."

Kathy Beekman

"I really enjoyed how this course quieted my mind and now realize how needed mediation is in my life."

Suzanne Ellenbogen

"I found that meditation is doable and does make a difference!"

Gary Parkinson

Your Guide: Cera Reine Meintzer

Cera is a connector of people, ideas, and energy and has been practicing and teaching meditation for 20 years. She enjoys spending time dancing, throwing pottery, and playing ukulele while living in Arvada, Colorado with her three children, husband, and dog.

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