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Calm and Confident
am HSP Journey of Self-Support


Calm and Confident

Calm and Confident

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Calm and confident: An HSP Journey of Self-Support

$169 for 6 weeks of content

Highly Sensitive People or HSPs have finely tuned nervous systems that act like extrasensory antennas which allow them to pick up on more environmental information than the non-HSP. This antenna can be a superpower that provides HSPs with useful information and special gifts that help others. Having all this extra information can also create a lot of extra stress for an HSP. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the world, experience frequent anxiety, find yourself to be extra conscientious of others, take on others’ emotions, and have strong emotions of your own, you might be an HSP. This course will introduce you to mindfulness methods that will teach you to cultivate awareness of your mind and body, protect yourself from and clear the energy of others, address overwhelm, anxiety, and big emotions and use your HSP superpowers. After the course, you will have a toolbox full of skills you can use to support yourself daily. Not sure if you are an HSP, complete this questionnaire for more insight. LINK  

This Course:

6 weeks of material

6 hours and 36 minutes of content



You Will:

·     Learn Mindfulness methods to cultivate awareness 

·     Protect yourself from the  energy of others

·     Address overwhelm

·     Address Anxiety

·     Learn how to use your HSP superpower

·     Address Big Emotions

·     Gain a toolbox of skills to support yourself daily

·     Gain an acceptance of who you are-your gifts and areas of challenge