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The Business Side of Things:
Accounting and Bookkeeping


1. The Business Side of Things: Intro

1. The Business Side of Things: Intro

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Keep more of your money in your pocket when you understand the business side of things. In this interactive course, explore the types of business structures available to you, and evaluate which is best for you and your goals. Discover the easiest ways to track your spending, and take advantage of our tips and tricks to manage your business and your banking as simply and smoothly as possible. You'll achieve your artistic and creative dreams faster if you avoid serious financial missteps in your accounting and bookkeeping!


You've finally found the right place- here at Thrive. We've developed all the financial education you need in order to build a stable financial base, and grow into the successful artist you've always dreamt of being.

This is part 3 of a  4-part hands-on series.


-get comfortable with money, and empower your money mindset

-finally control your spending, and explore how a safety net will protect your financial freedom

-master the basics of accounting, so you can finally control your taxes

-learn how to grow your money to support your future

Join us for a relaxing, supportive, and lively series that will supercharge your motivation and give you clarity and direction. Each course includes post, creative exercises that will make your finances fun. Stop worrying about your money, and start enjoying it.


Canson XL Mix Media 5.5 x 8.5 art journal

Basic watercolor paint set of 8 or more colors

#8 round tip paintbrush

Jar of water to rinse paintbrush out in

Black Sharpie ultra fine point



32 minutes of content

8 Modules

Class Materials/ lists attached (Located below class videos)



Downloadable Files for your course are included below videos.


You Will:

·     Play 

·     Learn the different business structures and what is best for your business

·     Understand the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping

·     Learn why and when you need a separate bank account 

·     Express yourself through creativity in a safe place through writing and art-making